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Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 by misty

We’re finally feeling the cold here, I mean, it’s not -30C like in Poland, but it’s -7. It’s -1 in Chicago, 10 degrees in Seattle. How I miss the days of 10 degrees – it’s been weeks! I thought Paris and Seattle had the same weather, I was very wrong. Tomorrow, we can look forward to highs in the -1s. So, I have been living below freezing for a month and yes, it’s unusual to see the Eiffel Tower covered in snow, but I’m ready for the tropical climate of good old Seattle. I want to wear only one pair of gloves! I want to not have to watch out for both black ice and doggie gifts. Maybe I’m just sad because our wine shop took the extended vacation (a second august) and our neighborhood is still just struggling back to life after la crise de foie of Christmas.

And yet, I can’t help wondering when is the soonest I can return to Paris?


Thursday, November 6th, 2008 by misty

Paris certainly turned out to embrace Barack Obama at the finish line of his race to la maison blanche. Forget about the flood of hope, Paul and I almost got lost in the flood of people at the Palais de Congrès. We stood in line for an hour with no hope of entering the giant ballroom filled with Americans and young French people. They were the privileged watching the broadcast on giant satellite tvs, blogging in the media center and noshing on Barack O’Bagels. Most of the crowd stayed outside that night, at the le palais and in other venues all over the city.

Paul and I, unable to enjoy the sardine-thick crowd of loud 18 year olds yelling over our heads, smoking in our faces, and jabbing mentionable and unmentionable places in their frenzy of obamamania, hurried to make it home before the first count was announced. Our cab ride along the right bank was actually the first time we’d seen l’Arc de Triomphe et Champs-Elysées on this visit. Racing along the Seine, weaving through other cabs while smoking and talking on his cell phone about la crise and the lack of toilets for working men like himself, our cab driver whizzed us through narrow tunnels like the one Princess Diana was killed.

And even though we love it here, there is no doubt now that we can return to the US in January and we might even like it!

The girl with Obama Blue Hair

That's right, my hair is blue, gobama!