Le fin d’année

December 29th, 2008 by Paul

Paris has been fairly quiet this past week. Many of stores are shuttered with notes saying they’ll be open after the new year. Other Parisian transplants most likely returned to their home cities and towns, while the rest of the city is huddled inside to avoid the below-freezing temperatures. However, in a bizarre reversal of norms, the Monoprix was open this Sunday.

On Christmas Eve we went to Patricia’s Paris Soirées, where Misty was invited again to sing, having delighted everyone the last time she sang there. On Christmas we made a cuisse de dinde (turkey leg) for dinner with brussel sprouts, some salad salad, and a tarte au fraises. (I also had to have some foie gras, a traditional appetizer on holiday occasions. I enjoyed it: Misty would have none of it.)

This weekend Misty and I took a walk through the ménagerie in the Jardin des Plantes. The animals seemed to be loathing the cold weather about as much as we were, with the possible exception of the snow leopard who appeared to be eyeing the French children a bit too closely. We also had lunch at Breizh Café, where we learned just what a galette should taste like, rather what had passed for one at the tourist café in Le Mont-St-Michel.

On Sunday we had a fantastic time at a cocktail party hosted by our new friend Howard, even if we did stay out a bit late. For Wednesday we’re having dinner at the Bistro Paul Bert, and if we’re lucky we can find a place not completely overrun with crowds to watch the New Year festivities.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday, and I wish everyone a safe and happy nouvelle année!

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