Parties in Paris

December 17th, 2008 by misty

Saturday, Paul and I had a few people over to celebrate December. We tried a white elephant gift exchange but I think my guests were too polite to get into the Stealing spirit. Well, I also made the spending limit 10 euros. What can you buy for less than 10 euros?

Bottle of wine from Saumar Champigny
Mini votive candle powered fondue set
Mr. Grumpy hand warmers
Foot long cardboard eiffel tower filled with Lindor milk chocolates
Cardboard form of an elephant for decopatch supplies
Edith Piaf Greatest Hits CD
A Japanese towel specially designed to clean the backs of your faucets. I won this and I have never had a better gift. Truly, I know just what faucets are going to get it!

After our friend Howard was kind enough to take us to a French party. Everyone there had a “detail” like a pin on the back of a shirt, a small toy chick in a pocket, a small cow toy hanging from an earring, one fake sideburn, a clown nose, bangs like Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary, blue hair, etc. The party was super informal, silly string was constantly sprayed. Everyone used the “tu” form which we thought was cool. As we were by far the oldest people there, Paul and I were happy to fit in at all.

Paul was monopolized all night by a man dressed as Vincent Cassel playing Mesrine, the French gangster. The man was either trying to practice his English or get a date with Paul. Meanwhile, I “geeked out” considerably with my IA buddy, Milan, and practiced my French by discussing Vincent Cassel’s other films with another mec named Vincent. No one has seen Eastern Promises. How can that be?

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